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The Orchid hotel chain is currently developing and establishing additional hotels in attractive prime locations. These contemporary hotels will join the Orchid Hotel chain’s existing hotels, thereby completing chain’s nationwide spread.
Get ready to enjoy our new luxury hotels whose high standards not only meet with the chain’s impeccable existing ones, but even surpass them in service, comfort, luxury and prestige .
These hotels are Herbert Samuel Milos the Dead Sea and the Opera Herbert Samuel Tel Aviv.

Milos Dead Sea by Herbert Samuel

The perfect combination of an authentic Greek ambience and the relaxing serenity of the Dead Sea, the Milos dead sea hotel is an oasis of tranquility located in the lowest place on earth!
Set amongst exotic vegetation, date and palm trees and spectacular lighting, guests enjoy impeccable luxury in a variety of luxurious rooms and suites, a pampering state of the art spa and of course, the tranquil and relaxing Dead Sea.

Opera Tel Aviv by Herbert Samuel

A new and prestigious hotel that will soon open in a strategic location on Tel Aviv’s colorful coastline and combine breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea against the backdrop of “the city that never stops”! The hotel’s boutique concept is designed to the heights of luxury and will include 100 state of the art rooms and suites in a modern contemporary design, ensuring guests a relaxing and unforgettable stay.
Its proximity to the beach allows guests to enjoy a variety of attractions including vibrant nightlife and entertainment, restaurants, museums, art galleries, shopping malls, theaters, water sports, hiking and cycling trails.

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